angry bear1me: “I am supposed to eat. Today I hate eating. It’s hard to chew. Food tastes funny.”

xx: “Sounds like medication side effect. I couldn’t handle all that at all. Have you tried GAPS diet and mindful eating? Whole new approach to food..”

me: “I am on Concerta, and have not had this experience before. No, I haven’t, and I don’t do well on carbs at all.”

xx: “Worth looking into then, I’d say! I Have given up carbs and sugar and now, relatively at least, I feel and look great. Using water kefir to get past the carb/sugar cravings really helped..”

me: “ok. I am not interested in discussing diets and looks. thank you <3”

xx: “You posted about diet, am just sharing something that helped me.. Not selling. Good luck finding what suits…”

me: “not a word about diet in my post – i posted about eating and food, not diet – that’s all in your head.”

xx: “Ahem. The food you eat is your diet. It’s a technical term. Like I say, good luck..”

then xx goes on to post the oxford dictionary definition of ‘diet’

ALL definitions and examples contain some reference to eating according to a specific regiment for a very specific purpose. I.e DIETING.

Some days life is full of STUPID people.