How can someone not see that ABA is a violation of autistic children’s human rights? That it is torture on par with the treatment of prisoners of war in Japan during WWII, in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Treatment that resulted in severe psychological damage to adults and subsequent life-long suffering from PTSD.

ABA is used on autistic children as young as 2 years old. To force them to ‘behave neurotypical’, because their parents are ashamed of having an autistic child, they always dreamt of having a ‘normal child’, and their autistic child is not living up to the expectations. So they either send their child to various ‘clinics and therapist’ to be ‘conditioned’, ‘treated’ for behaviors that are absolutely normal, functional and empowering for the autistic child – behaviors like ‘flapping of hands when happy, sad or scared’, to regulate feelings, for comfort, to focus; ‘dancing, singing, spinning when happy, sad or scared;, to regulate feelings, for comfort, to focus; ‘rocking, stroking fabric in shirt or pants, humming, fiddling with a pen or pencil, folding a piece of paper in increasingly smaller pieces, unfolding same paper and start over, when happy, sad or scared’to regulate feelings, for comfort, to focusor simply because it feels good.

“Quiet Hands, Quiet Body” is the motto, manifesto, creed of ABA therapists everywhere. Autistic children and adults may not be or express their autism according to the philosophy behind ABA.

ABA has also been used to ‘treat’ gender-variant children – and parts of ABA is being used in evangelical xian anti-homosexual therapies.

“In addition to his extensive work with autistic children, in the 1970s Lovaas co-authored four papers with George Rekers on children with atypical gender behaviors.[14][15][16][17] The subject of the first of these studies, a ‘feminine’ young boy who was homosexual of 4 and half years old at the inception of treatment, committed suicide as an adult; his family attribute the suicide to this treatment.[14][18][19][20]

Following his suicide in 2010, the man’s sister told the news that she read his journal which described how he feared disclosing his sexual orientation because when receiving the behavior modification treatment as a young boy, his father would give him spankings if he was given a different color “poker chip” as punishment for feminine-like behavior when playing with dolls.”

ABA is torture. ABA therapists are equal to Dr Mengele.