The Man and His Mind

Henric-2010_thumb.jpgbecause i found out that people don’t get that i have aspergers i want to say this right out of the gate: i have aspergers. i also have adhd. i have efd. i have dyscalculia. i have cPTSD. here are some links to a few blog posts that deal with the above.


i am dyscalculic

do not disturb

old wounds

i do not have time for willful stupidity, i have no patience with arrogance, false humility or hypocrisy.

i believe that g-d, the creator of all there is, meant us to be his hands, eyes and voice to each other in life. that is the task we have been charged with, and that is what we are here to do. it doesn’t matter to me what path you choose to do this on, as long as that is what you are doing.

between reading, writing and studying anything from black holes to jewish and pagan traditions i play video-games on ps3/ps4 and create digital art.

i also have a special affinity for bears, especially polar bears.




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