Killed In The Name Neurotypical Mercy

Autistics Murdered

this page is dedicated to the children murdered by their neurotypical parents, neurotypical caregivers and the general neurotypical public. children murdered in the name of neurotypical mercy, convenience and hatred. there is a genocide happening.

neurotypical parents and the general neurotypical public love to be martyrs and “mercy killers”. they don’t think about autistic children as precious, valuable or worthwhile. they  think about autistic children as broken, burdens, defective, disordered, diseased and disabled, and shameful.

these children are gone forever. all their talents, gifts, joy, love – gone. precious light snuffed out in the name of convenience and hatred.
Joe Clyde Daniels Joe Clyde Daniels

murdered by his father Joseph Daniels some time between April 3 and April 4 2018. link.

precious little boy – i will miss you and everything you had to give this world.

sleep well, little bear.