angry bear1every now and then – quite frequently – i hibernate. i become a recluse – a psychologist might call it ‘mental hygiene’. i call it ‘not fit for human consumption’. if i don’t heads roll. my life rolls in cycles. social-semi social-recluse-semi social-social… and so on.

i need it to function. my recluse stage i spend playing video games, reading my favorite book series, watching my favorite TV-series – basically doing the kind of stuff that does not bring me in the path of people (other than my wife). The semi social stage is most often spent looking in on people in Facebook, liking a few posts, maybe sharing a few links, while also doing some art or writing. my social stage means actually engaging people in conversation, sharing photos, discussing and posting original content to Facebook.

it just happens that way. and it cannot be predicted – except i usually go into ‘recluse-mode’ around x-mas, some times it might be set off by some ‘incident’, some times it is just there. i resurface some time in february-march.

one thing that is always present right before the recluse stage is stress. too much of it.