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Books1…this blog? yes i know i have 12 followers, but i do not have vary many hits/day, and not many comments. i also see that people ‘like’ when i post links to each entry every day, but does that mean they actually READ each entry (i do know that one person actually takes the time to go and like each post on the actual page – for that i am grateful)?

am i writing this blog just for me, or do i have an audience, who consider it worthwhile? no human being exists in a vacuum, in fact in vacuum we implode – our brains are boiled to hardened charcoal, and we die. to me blogging is like having a conversation with people. and at the moment i feel like i am talking to either thin air or to a wall. i want to influence people, i want to have people think, and respond to what i say – and right now i am pretty sure that apart from one single reader, no one cares.