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garbage can1things have to make sense to me as a neurodifferent person. when they do not those things hurt.

most of what neurotypicals do or say when dealing with me or other nds does not make sense. neurotypicals so often focus on the material matters of situations such as employment, workplace, medical practices and education. it is as if they simply do not have the imagination to think ‘outside the box’. they seem incapable of factoring in the human matter. as long as they can claim that they ‘did everything by the book’, what happens to me or other nds as a result, is irrelevant. if something does not work for a person within a specific framework, it is not because of that person, but the fault of the framework, and the people creating the framework. if the ‘book’ does not take into consideration that every person is unique, the ‘book’ needs revising. that is pure common sense.