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a new friend posted on his blog (in swedish) about the need for some sort of grown-up school for nds. i can respect his opinion that such a school would be a good thing – to help nds get by easier in life among nts.

but i really think it’s a bad idea. for several reasons.

1. who says the nts are right in their ways of socializing. considering that the majority of people are neurotypicals, and the world in general is a hard, cruel and unaccepting place, where ‘survival of the fittest’ is the foundation of interactions between people and nations, it seems to me that the world could do much better with a touch of neurodifference.

2. why should nds have to change, adapt, adjust their ways. for one our ways are often more honest, direct and thoughtful, than accepting. when i am among nds i am allowed to be who i am in a way i have never seen or experienced among nts.

perhaps it is the neuroptypicals who need to learn from us, not the other way around. after all, we are only wishing and wanting to learn the social codes of nts so we can fit in and be accepted, not because they are better.

but is that really acceptance? are nds really accepted into the societal fabric if we act and speak like nts? no, not really – we are ‘added’ to the societal fabric because our neurodifference is not as prominent, as visible and tangible when we act and speak as nts. that is not acceptance, that is discrimination.

i don’t want to help the nts discriminate against me.