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i have this theory about aspies and addies brains and why so many of us choose either video games or computer games to unload, decompress, ‘cave’.

our brains detect the regular flicker by which the tv-screen or computer-screen updates the visible image – if you watch a video shot of a tv or computer while they are powered on you can see this flicker as dark stripes rolling across the screen.

i think aspies and addies use this regular pattern to keep what i call the ‘monkey-brain’ busy (positive distraction) and calm, leaving the operative parts of the brain free to sort impressions, emotions and thoughts that we have been bombarded with during a day.

i have a similar theory about why Baroque music, or Baroque-like music work so well to help addies to concentrate, focus, and relax. Baroque music has a very distinct rhythm – 4/4 – and this rhythm helps our neurons to slow down and connect in a more orderly fashion. in a similar fashion it keeps the ‘monkey-brain’ busy (and therefor happy) so the operative parts of the brain can work without interruptions.