Stars1if one takes the opportunity to OBSERVE neurotypical people in social settings, networks and situations, one will find that they rarely say anything original, of substance, or of positive consequence. they either repeat what others have said or comment derisively on what others have said. in the case they abstain from derisive comments, they instead offer positive platitudes meant to deflect or divert negative attention. this social noise has only one purpose – to increase their own ‘ranking’ within the pack or decrease the ‘ranking’ of others. neurotypical people are constantly engaged in this competition for position. people count the number of ‘likes’ they get in social media sites, like Facebook; they ‘friend’ and ‘un-friend’ based on what they believe those with ‘higher’ pack-ranking would approve or disapprove of. it would be amusing, if it weren’t so sad.

one of the reasons we neurodifferent do not fit into this, often find social situations with neurotypicals difficult, and feel that we do not ‘get the codes’ is very simple. they are all lies, and lying is simply not our forte; the platitudes, unoriginal, inauthentic and insubstantial mush required to fit into a neurotypical world simply do not appeal to us.