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PanicHeading to the mall with a Christmas shopping list isn’t a fun-filled, exciting time for all kids.

Loud talking, perfumed candles and lots of shoppers can be a nightmare for children with autism.

"There’s too many people. It’s too crowded. It’s too loud. It’s an unfamiliar environment. It’s too hot," (from The Standard via Mike Keller)

around 2005 i started to suspect that i have adhd. i was diagnosed with adult adhd in 2009. i was immediately put on adhd medication. then suddenly a bunch of symptoms and behaviors, which my wife and i had identified as asperger’s’ in regards to her (she was diagnosed 2010) popped up. who’d have thunk, right?

sensory overload.

i hate crowds. i hate malls and shopping districts – especially on a saturday in stockholm. i simply cannot do buses and trains during rush hour. concerts and huge parties, no way. it fills me with such rage and panic that i just have to GET OUT OF THERE – or remove the people with a Kalashnikov.


i thought this was all part of my adhd.

now i know differently.

so now i am waiting for a time for an appointment with a psychologist, to be tested for asperger’s.