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megaphone1you are not your diagnose!

no. i am not.  my diagnose is part of me. it is part of what makes me uniquely me. for better and for worse. one way or the other it is going to show when i express myself. some of it will be ‘strange’ and ‘weird’. fifty, seventy, hundred or a hundred and fifty years ago people with ‘strange’ and ‘weird’ traits in their personalities were incarcerated as criminals, unrepentant vagrants, or locked away in sanatoriums, insane asylums, mental hospitals or institutions for the mentally challenged. drugged to complacency, beyond recognition, incapacitated and chemically restrained so as to not disturb the good taste of the neurotypicals. as late as the 1970s children with adhd were routinely labeled ‘abnormally aggressive’ and ‘asocial’ and were institutionalized as ‘social deviants’, in Scandinavia. and what was done to the aspies were even worse.

these days there are accepted diagnoses/medical labels for the ‘strange’ and ‘weird’ of my kind. – adhd and asperger’s -but people still believe i am mentally deranged, mentally challenged and an anti-social half-criminal. so i still have to explain to people why i am ‘strange’ and ‘weird’. so i talk about my diagnose, i make pictures that relate to my diagnose and share about adhd and asperger’s. that does not mean i think i am my diagnose or that this is all that ever moves through my mind. it means that it moves there right now.

example: a few months after i had been diagnosed i saw a t-shirt with this image on it:AD_HDResized

i loved it. i wanted one of those t-shirts – because above all i am PROUD of being an addie.

so when i saw the image there to the left on-line, i made an avatar and uploaded it to Facebook. and was yelled at, by a ‘friend’ because i was ‘wearing’ my diagnose. uhu. yes. that was BAD. should not have done that. bad, bad addie. someone might get upset and say bad things to me, and then it would all be my own fault, because i had my diagnose ‘up there as an avatar’.

uhu. (“if the Jews stopped being Jews, no one would harass them”.)

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