i refuse to be intimidated. by those who twist what i say to mean something it does not and then accuse me of being this or that and a third thing. what i say is clear enough, and it is obvious to those who matter what i actually said.

so i simply call it as i see it and walk away. let them think i am a coward or an idiot. i know i am not, and that is enough.

i do not do pissing contests. especially not with the ones that just must point out that their house, car, stereo, computer, video camera education, ancestry etc. is better, bigger and newer than mine. big deal. how is anything of all that going to grow them a pair of balls? it is not. it never will.

i meet one of those and i simply walk away. it is going to be too much of a bother to try and get inside all that bluster and know the person. chances are i will not find very much underneath and that it will hurt a whole lot trying. so i do not engage.