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Heartremember this post? distractions. ooh shiny! and the addie/aspie is off onto a new adventure. this goes for conversations too.

I love your blue coat—

Sorry, what were we saying?

I don’t remember. (from ellisinwonderland)

and the NT thinks i am not interested in what they are saying. i am. very. it is just that i am also very interested in everything else within eyesight and earshot. and i think about those too. along with what they are saying. and all the associations that calls up in my mind. it is not that i am inattentive, it is that i am hyper-attentive – to everything around me. my brain runs a gazillion parallel tracks, exploring every possible input. and it does not know which of all the tracks is the most important. to me they all make the same kind of noise. the NT speaking, my dog playing, the faucet dripping, the color of their shirt, the comic strip their words create in my mind, the time display on my phone, my phone, the taste of the coffee, the ‘background noise’ of the yard out-side. in an endless rollercoaster of impressions, smells, images, sounds and emotions. and i treat them all as equally important.