Stars1Indeed it reminded me that I love ADHDers for their sparkle and the way the everyday world goes into their brain, gets all mashed up like a play-doh fun factory and then comes out of their mouths in weird and unpredictable arrays of colour. (from i won’t forget a single day)

it is so easy to look at my adhd and only think about the negative stuff it brings to my life. all is not negative. my mind is amazing. the way it takes a little from this piece of understanding and little from that piece of information and makes something new and shiny of it. how it constantly invents new stuff, comes up with solutions and improvements of stuff (not necessarily very practical ones, but definitely innovative :)) or how it plays with words so that boring stuff becomes shiny and humorous – and all seemingly effortless. my mind’s ability to see the world from a play-full and child-like perspective. yes. on a good day i really do sparkle, and that is a good thing. that is something to be proud of and cherish.