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garbage can1When a bottle of shampoo runs out in my apartment, generally it remains in the shower for any number of weeks or months until it has multiplied and taken over the sacred altar of cleansing, until it becomes hazardous for an ADD kid to step into the tub (without looking or remembering that he himself had neglected to take every single one of those shampoo bottles out).

So, still writhing in pain and crying out with rage at my most recent Tony Hawk Dove-boarding Extreme incident, I hurled the culprits over the shower curtain onto the bathroom floor. And as you can imagine, I’m now faced with a choice…

Either I let shampoo bottles accumulate to dangerous levels, or I hurl them over the shower curtain as soon as I run out. Granted, later on I generally put the bottles in the recycling — the trash turnaround rate of floor-dwelling Dove bottles is astonishingly speedy. So my question is this: am I alone in chucking my empty Lethal Luges out of the shower? Or are there fellow irrational beings who face this same problem? (from themacroscope)

i was evicted from an apartment 16 years ago because over the course of ten years i accumulated trash and belongings to a point where i could literally not see the floor anymore, use the kitchen or move around without crunching something under my feet. the stink was detectable in the stairwell and my neighbors called the landlord.

see i do know how to clean – but i get stumped by an inability to 1. see where to begin 2. cut the task into parts. 3. a fear of getting stuck in the middle doing something crazy like scrubbing the floor with a tooth brush or obsessively doing the same counter top again and again because no matter what i do it will not be clean enough. so i never start.