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BoxingGloves1“you have to grow a thicker skin!”

yeah right. from what? i am not G-d so i can create from nothing.  i live without a skin. so how can i grow a thicker skin? truth is i cannot. i can only train myself to recognize the people and situations that will cause me to be hurt and bleed. i can learn to pick my fights. i can learn when it is futile to argue my point and withdraw gracefully before i get hurt.

people who use logical fallacies such as ad hominem are really not worth spending time on. people who keep arguing in circles or throw about straw men are not going to suddenly ‘see the light’ however much you argue with them. stay away from them.

fanatics of any stripe – let them go, they have no interest in being educated. really.

expose their fallacies, their fanaticism, if you must and then withdraw from the discussion. nothing can be gained from interacting with such people, except obsessive thinking, loss of focus, loss of self-esteem and good faith. really.

do not listen to those who say that if you leave a discussion or a forum or a friendship you let the ‘bad’ guys win. they are wrong. the bad guys win if you lose focus, self-esteem and good faith and end up obsessing about them and how wrong they are – that is what they want. and you will if you engage them. take my word for it.

pick your fights. and for us with ADHD and Asperger’s the fight is to stay away from situations that hurt us, make us obsess, and feel bad about ourselves.