food1there are a few things i cannot eat. or let us say that if i encounter specific things in my food i cannot continue eating the dish.

bones in fish. even if it is a very small one, i cannot go on eating the fish, although i absolutely LOVE fish.

lamb. it smells and tastes like old, wet and peed on wool. yeah, yeah, people keep telling me that if it tastes and smells like that it was not LAMB, but sheep. it makes no difference. it tastes and smells horrible and i will not eat it.

dishes made of mixed intestines (except liver and heart, which i actually love when i cook them, because i don’t mix them :D) such as pölsa and haggis. the smell makes me gag.

fuzzy fruit skins. like peach and kiwi. just thinking about the sensation i get in my teeth when biting into them makes me cringe.

there are more, but those are the biggest food stops i have.