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Typewritwriter1i hate lists. i am good at making them. i hate them. nothing bad about lists. they are very helpful. practical and orderly. organized. they are good for me. i hate them. they work for what they are made for – structure. i hate structure. i loathe it. it is good for me. very good. i hate it. it interferes with my life. it is like being shackled and gagged.

8.00 am – wake up

8.15 am – walk dog

8.45 am – take shower

9.15 am – make breakfast

9.30 am – eat breakfast, take medicine

10.30 am – clear table, wash dishes

11.00 am – brush teeth, load washing machine

11.30 am – walk dog

12.00 pm – prepare lunch

12.30 pm – eat lunch

1.30 pm – clear table, wash dishes

2.00 pm – tidy home, hang laundry

3.00 pm – prepare snack

3.15 pm – eat snack

3.30 pm – walk dog

6.00 pm – prepare dinner

6.30 pm – eat dinner

7.30 pm – clear table, wash dishes

8.00 pm – take shower, meditate

8.30 pm – have cup of tea, take medicine

9.00 pm  go to bed, read book

10.00 pm – lights out.

i hate it. because it leaves no room for just being me, doing what i want. any activity i decide to do will ultimately be chopped to pieces by – structure. which means that i stick with lists for a week, and then i feel so restricted and hampered by it that i give up. feeling deprived of anything fun and interesting.