coffee cup2…crumple up dirty napkin and set on counter because your brain cannot be bothered to a) notice that you are holding a dirty napkin, b) think “I don’t want this, what do I do with it?” c) come up with a plausible solution to that question and d) take action on whatever solution you come up with. No, instead your brain becomes vaguely aware that you are holding something and that you don’t want to hold it anymore because you need your hands to rearrange the magnetic words on your refrigerator into the phrase “monkey butt suck.” The fact that you are holding a dirty napkin which should be thrown away doesn’t even register. Just “hands full, must empty hands.” The simplest solution is to set whatever is in your hands on the nearest horizontal surface… (from themacroscope)

i clutter. the above is how it happens. it just happens. like that. so i can never find my keys, my wallet, my tobacco, my phone, my mp3-player, clothes, shoes, jacket. i clutter. getting out the door takes forever. if i even bother to go out. i am beginning to think that the inability to find my ‘every-day-stuff’ is the reason i rarely go out.