i love nights. ever since i was a wee cub i have been a night-owl. i wrote better at night, painted better, studied better, thought better, I basically did everything better at night. and i suffered under the tyranny of the ‘day-lighters’ who demanded that i conform to their rhythm.

until recently i always wondered why it seemed almost impossible for me to turn my ‘day’ around. for the longest time i struggled with this – believing that if i went to bed in reasonable time i would 1. get more and better sleep and 2. not be such an ass in the morning. simply be able to function like the rest of the world. that was until i realized something vital about the nature of nights. even in an urban area nights are quieter, less polluted with background noise, the light is softer and most people are sleeping – nights are simply so much easier for me to live in.

i became a night-owl as a means of self-medication.

it was a relief to realize.