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quill3i am too talented. well, i am. and yet being good at stuff has always been a curse for me. because i was way above average in all things except stuff that required mathematical skill (i was dyscalculic long before they even spoke about dyslexia) i was expected to excel at everything (including maths) and when i did not i was accused of being lazy and not applying myself.

so. i skipped school out of boredom and frustration. and fear. being intelligent does not go well with one’s school mates, and some times not even with the teachers. i hated school, and by the time i was an adult and could have amended my average grades, my social phobia, anxiety and fear of being bullied had gotten so bad even thinking about going back to school made me cringe and panic.

all the things i am good at…, well they all require higher education – and that i don’t have. work? no. oh, i tried. but my endurance for boredom is nil – and the work i could get with my limited education and social sensitivity were no match for my mind. So here i am, a linguistic genius with the heart and soul of an artist and artisan but no means to put it to use.