coffee cup2i do not do mornings. i never have. i have the worst morning-temper ever. like a bear with a tooth ache and buck-shot in his behind. unless you want to get your head bitten off and a new craphole, just leave me alone for the first three hours after i have gotten out of bed. really. honestly, you do not want to do anything that might encroach on my mind during this time.

for the first three hours of my day i run on autopilot. my AP knows what to do – say ‘morning’ to wife, take a dump and a leak, find tea, find medicine, maybe take shower, play with dog and grumble with harmless book. or whatever project is ongoing that does not require second person input.

all my life i have berated myself for this trait.

i do not anymore. my wife told me that this trait is something i have in common with the absolute majority of addies out there. as it is something i cannot change, i decided to own it and instead admit that this is how it is and adjust my life to accommodate it as much as possible.

appointments? i tell doctors and other professional authorities, that i do not make appointments before lunch. of course every now and then i have to accept an appointment in the morning. at those times i tell them exactly how it is – that i have adhd and that mornings are not my forte and that i might snap or get rude because of this. then of course i do try to behave myself :), but if it happens, they know why.