The Man and His Mind

Henric 2010

i live in sweden with my wife and my dog, in a world very much inhabited by the beings and concepts of my writing, painting and thinking. born in the 60’s i blatantly refuse to grow up and am helped in this by my adhd. i have written more or less constantly since i learned to read and write. prose for school, like compositions and essays, poetry for my own sanity, political essays and debate articles for the good of humankind and i even wrote a dramatic piece once. i carried it around in a large manila envelope, adding to it, editing it and then one day i lost it – by leaving it on the empty seat beside me on the subway…250 pages of dramatic fantasy lost forever… except for a few freelance articles for local newspapers i have never published anything. unless of course blogging counts as ‘publishing’.  i’ll read any kind of fiction except romance, religious fiction and shakespeare in the original language or form. same goes for homer.

i do not have time for willful stupidity, i have no patience with arrogance, false humility or hypocrisy.

i believe that g-d, the creator of all there is, meant us to be his hands, eyes and voice to each other in life. that is the task we have been charged with, and that is what we are here to do. it doesn’t matter to me what path you choose to this on, as long as that is what you are doing.

between reading, writing and studying anything from black holes to jewish and pagan traditions i play video-games on ps3 and create digital art.

i also have a special affinity for bears, especially polar bears.

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